Hello Carers 

Christmas is just around the corner.  I hope you are able to keep stress levels down.  Deep breaths.  Here are some inexpensive gift ideas for Christmas.

An Experience.  If, like me, you’re getting tired of all the plastic clutter in our lives, you may want to think of giving ‘an experience’ for Christmas.  Mini golf, or have a go at another sport on a trial basis.  A trip to the Otago Museum or Toitu Early Settlers Museum.  There are a few small independent museums in Dunedin. Find out what is available to experience by going to the Visitors Centre.

A Walk and picnic lunch.

Re-gifting.  This can be tricky.  You have to remember who gave you the item you want to re-gift.

Hand Made Object.  Give something you have crafted or go to a craft store and assemble the ingredients for a crafty present.

Myself, I have always wanted our family to have an op-shop Christmas.

So there you go.  We have put the Christmas Tree up at Community House in Dunedin and the House closes on Friday December 21.  Carers’ Society is open again on January 3 2019.

Our meetings start up again in February 2019 for Young Carers and Central Otago Carers, North Otago Carers and the Walking Group.  Dunedin and South Otago Carers start in March 2019.

All of our services are free to carers.

Phone us on 03 4716204 for information or for a chat, or for some real help with issues you have.