Carer Wellbeing Research

Hello Carers

Carer Wellbeing Study

We are indebted to the Department of Psychological Medicine for carrying out some research for us.  Nicola Swain and her team of researchers asked carers questions to determine their level of well being.  The research was presented at the Carers’ Support Group Meeting in March to a large group of carers.  It is also published in our April May Newsletter on this site.

There is also some carer research from Canada in this Newsletter.

Many thanks, Nicola, for all that you have done for us.

Carer Training

Carer Training Days were held recently in Central Otago and were very successful.  Carers got a lot out of the various workshops we had organized.

We hope to continue this in other parts of Otago.

We seem to be having a ‘hot autumn’, long may it last.