Jenny Clegg Library

Socio-Political13Day Centres for the Elderly
How to set up, organize and run a Day Centre for elderly people
Valerie J. Grant
E. Jean Williams
Socio-Political18Carers Talking
Interviews with family carers of older, dependent people in the European Community
European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions
Socio-Political19 & 81

(19 is missing)
Who Will Care? x 2
Future prospects for family care of older people in the European Union
European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions
Socio-Political153 & 154
Needs Assessment and Service Coordination x 2Disability Information Service and Carers’ Society Otago
Socio-Political155 & 156
Carers’ Strategy x 2Ministry of Social Development
Socio-Political157Voices of PovertyPresbyterian Support Otago
Socio-Political164A Brief Introduction to Social Role ValorizationWolf Wolfensberger
Socio-Political165The Future of Children with Significant ImpairmentsWolf Wolfensberger
Socio-Political169Reaching Out – A Portrait of Social Network FacilitationNancy Rother
Socio-Political21 & 142
New Zealand’s Ageing Society x 2
The implications
Peggy Koopman-Boyden
Socio-Political74Disability, Family, Whanau and Society
A sociological discourse
Keith Ballard
Socio-Political97Extending the Boundaries of Care
Medical ethics and caring practices
Tamara Kohn
Rosemary McKechnie
Socio-Political101Understanding Disability PoliciesRobert F. Drake
Socio-Political140Health and Society in Aotearoa New Zealand
A sociological discourse
Peter Davis and
Kevin Dew
Socio-Political149The New Zealand Disability Strategy-Easy to read version
Making a world of difference
Ministry of Health and IHC
Socio-Political63Introduction to Medical Rehabilitation
An Australian Perspective
Graeme R. Penington and
Hugh C. Burry
Socio-Political150 & 151
Work and Your Rights in New Zealand x 2People First New Zealand
IHC, Ministry of Social Dev't
Socio-Political91Your Rights as a Consumer
A guide to getting a fair go!
Socio-Political59Working from Home in New ZealandLaurie Hilsgen
Socio-Political239Voices of Poverty: Has the Landscape Changes?Family Works P.S.O.
Socio-Political244How Should We Care for the Carer?National Health Committee
Socio-Political242Taking Action to Support CarersPenny Banks
Colin Cheeseman
Socio-Political256Caring CountsHuman Rights Commission
Socio-Political258You Have RightsHealth & Disability Commission
Socio-Political271Yhe NZ Carers' Strategy Action Plan for 2014-2018Ministry of Social Development
Caregiving – General6 & 7Caring for Someone at Home x 2
A teach yourself guide
Gail Elkington and
Gill Harrison
Caregiving – General22The Comfort of Home
An illustrated step-by-step guide for caregivers
Maria M. Meyer with Paula Derr
Caregiving – General24 & 51
Caring at Home x 2
A Handbook for people looking after someone at home – someone young or old, handicapped or disabled, ill or frail
Nancy Koohner
Caregiving – General30I’ll Take Care of You
A practical guide for family caregivers
Joseph llardo
Caroel R. Rothman
Caregiving – General71 & 75The Caring Trap x 2Jenny Pulling
Caregiving – General96Duty of Care
Who’s responsible? A guide for carers supporting people with disabilities
Ian Parsons
Caregiving – General167A Good LifeAl Etmanski
Caregiving – General199 & 208 A Guide for Carers x 2Ministry of Social Development
Caregiving – General160Guide to Home CaregivingAMA
Caregiving – General286Caregiver's HandbookHarvard Medical School
Caregiving – General47Family Caregivers:Disability, Illness and AgeingHilary Schofield ed
Self care for carers31Pure Scents for RelaxationJohanna Metcalfe
Self care for carers32Pure Scents for WellbeingJohanna Metcalfe
Self care for carers77The New Zealand Pleasure Garden
Gardening for the senses
Beatrice Hale
Self care for carers2Self-Care for Caregivers
A twelve step approach
Pat Samples
Diane Larsen
Marvin Larsen
Self care for carers159Help at Hand: The Home Carers Survival GuideJane Brotchie
Self care for carers76The Blue Day Book
A lesson in cheering yourself up
Bradley Trevor Greive
Self care for carers9The Book of Choices
A treasury of insights for personal and professional growth
Mike Magee
Self care for carers58Managing Stress
Jane Cranwell-Ward
Self care for carers62Stress and DistressMargit Brew
Self care for carers64Living Successfully with Stress
The Consumer’s Institute of New Zealand
Self care for carers(66 lost)
Sleep Thief
The restless leg syndrome
Virginia Wilson
Self care for carers126Living with Stress
Stress at work, home, dangerous lifestyles and learning to relax
Gary L. Cooper
Rachel D. Cooper and
Lynn H. Eaker
Self care for carers48The Long Term Effects of Being a Carer
Ruth Hancock and
Claire Jarvis
Self care for carers86Sleep Deep
52 brilliant ideas – wake up refreshed day after day
Karen Williamson
Self care for carers137The Good Sleep GuideMichael van Straten
Self care for carers85 & 130Chicken Soup for the Caregiver’s Soul x 2
Stories that inspire caregivers in the home, the community and the world.
Jack Canfield,
Mark Victor Hansen and LeAnn Thieman
Self care for carers109The Memory of Running
A man’s extraordinary quest to rediscover the past and memories of his sister becomes his journey back to life
Ron McLarty
Self care for carers110Writing the Story of Your Life
The ultimate guide
Carmel Bird
Self care for carers136Wider than the Sky
A revolutionary view of consciousness
Gerald M. Edelman
Self care for carers166Stories of BelongingSandra Shields
David Campion
Self care for carers182The Dance of Deception: Pretending and truth telling in women’s livesHarriet Lerner
Self care for carers180Choosing Happiness: Life and soul essentialsStephanie Dowrick
Self care for carers212Getting a Good Night's SleepFiona Johnston
Self care for carers215The Selfish Pig's Guide to CaringHugh Marriott
Self care for carers243The Art of Great CareHealth & Disability Advocacy Services
Self care for carers249The Dutiful Worrier: How to Stop Compulsive Worry Without Feeling GuiltyElliot D Cohen
Self care for carers253Stress Less Live MoreRichard Blonna
Self care for carers252Heal Your HeadacheDavid Buchholz
Self care for carers257Life After CaringCarers' Society Otago
Self care for carers259The Anatomy of Peace: Resolving the Heart of ConflictThe Arbinger Institute
Self care for carers26610 Questions You Must Ask Your DoctorMoynihan and Sweet
Aging and elder care162Life Time: A New Image of AgingKaren Preuss
Aging and elder care12Caring Alone
Looking after the confused elderly at home
Anne Opie
Aging and elder care11Caring with Confidence
A guidance manual for those caring for the elderly
Scottish Health Education Unit
Aging and elder care14When Love Gets Tough
The nursing home dilemma
Doug Manning
Aging and elder care15Power for Positive Ageing
A personal story
Douglas G. McKenzie
Aging and elder care16Time was … When …
Elderly Tusitala tell their stories from an Auckland rest home
Auckland Methodist Mission
Aging and elder care100Life Worth Living
How Someone you love can still enjoy life in a nursing home
William H. Thomas
Aging and elder care135The 36-hour Day
Caring at home for confused elderly people
Nancy L. Mace and
Peter V. Rabins
Aging and elder care141You and Your Ageing Parent
A guide to understanding emotional, physical, and financial needs
Barbara Silverstone
Helen Kandel Hyman
Aging and elder care145Old Age Abuse
A new perspective
Mervyn Eastman for
Age Concern
Aging and elder care146Caring for an Elderly Relative
A guide to home care
Dr Keith Thompson
Aging and elder care148The Reluctant Samaritan
Tales of old age
Winifred Beechey
Aging and elder care158The Help BookPresbyterian Support Otago
Aging and elder care170Older Family Care Magazine 2008Carers NZ
Aging and elder care194Older Family Care Magazine 2009Carers NZ
Aging and elder care183Using Medicines Wisely: A guide for older people and caregiversFederation of Women’s Health Council Aotearoa
Aging and elder care181Ready for Anything: Growing older in NZ what you need to knowCatrionna Maclennan
Aging and elder care185Enjoying Growing OlderJ. Oswald Sanders
Aging and elder care186Health and Happiness in Old AgeCelia Westropp & Moyra Williams
Aging and elder care189Human Ageing and Later Life: Multidisciplinary PerspectivesAnthony Warnes
Aging and elder care190The Psychology of Growing OldRobert Slater
Aging and elder care191
Women and AgeingEllen Gee and
Meridith Kimball
Aging and elder care217I’m Still Elva Inside Halina Ogonowski-Coates
Aging and elder care278Caring for Your ParentsDelehanty & Ginzler
Aging and elder care285Missing Voices: Views of Older Persons on Elder AbuseWorld Health Organization
Aging and elder care284Elder Abuse: The Hidden CrimeAdvocacy Centre for the Elderly
Aging and elder care288Information Kit for Over 60'sLabour Party
Alheimers/Dementia211Contented DementiaOliver James
Alheimers/Dementia79 & 196Our Family’s Story x 2
Dealing with shattered dreams – the effect of Alzheimer’s on a carer
Ian McColl
Alheimers/Dementia5Do I like the Taste of That?
Caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s
Kate Morrish
Memory loss and confusion – a guide for caring people
South Australia Health Commission
Alheimers/Dementia26 & 134
Coping with Dementia x 2
A handbook for carers
The Scottish Health Education Group
Alheimers/Dementia28Caring for a Loved One with Alzheimer’s Disease
A Christian perspective.
Elizabeth T. Hall
Alheimers/Dementia29Alzheimer’s: A Practical Guide for Carers
A guide to help you through the day
Frena Gray-Davidson
Alheimers/Dementia70Information Guide for People Caring for Someone with Dementia
Information guide for people caring for someone with dementia
Alzheimer’s Society
Alheimers/Dementia83Understanding and Living with Alzheimers and Dementia:The moving story of one family’s struggle and triumph- A novelIsabel Paterson
Alheimers/Dementia84A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Nursing Home
A different handbook for carers of dementia patients
Jim Conner
Alheimers/Dementia139Understanding Difficult Behaviour
Some practical suggestions for coping with Alzheimer’s desease and related illnesses
Anne Robinson,
Beth Spencer and
Laurie White
Alheimers/Dementia138Death in Slow Motion
A memoir of a daughter, her mother and the beast called Alzheimer’s
Eleanor Cooney
Alheimers/Dementia143Dementia with Dignity
A handbook for carers
Barbara Sherman
Alheimers/Dementia144Dilemma of Dementia
A daughter’s story
Julia Millen
Alheimers/Dementia108Remember Me Mrs V?
Caring for my wife: her Alzheimer’s and others’ stories
Tom Valenta
Alheimers/Dementia161Coping with the Confused Elderly at Home: Carer’s GuideFife Psychiatric Unit
225 & 226
Caring for someone with Dementia x 3BUPA Care Service
Alheimers/Dementia272Dealing Daily with Dementia: 2000+ Practical Hints and Strategies for CarersAngela Caughey
Alheimers/Dementia279Keeper: Living with Nancy A Journey into Alzheimer'sAndrea Gillies
Dying, death and grief1When a Lifemate Dies
Stories of love, loss, and healing
Susan Heinlein,
Grace Brumett and
Jane-Ellen Tibbals
Dying, death and grief52Living with Dying
The management of terminal disease
Cicely Saunders and
Mary Baines
Dying, death and grief53When Your Friend is Dying
One woman’s story of her own dying and what helped her through this process.
Elizabeth Dean Burnham
Dying, death and grief61A Time to GrieveMerren Parker
Dying, death and grief78
Coming To Grief
A survival guide to grief and loss
Pam Heaney
Dying, death and grief104 & 105
Walking Backwards into your Future x 2
Coping with grief through continuing bonds
Kath Beattie
Dying, death and grief131Preparing for a Parent’s Death
A personal story
Marilyn R. Becker
Dying, death and grief132 &133The Journey to Emmaus x 2
A way to care for people facing death
Max Reid
Dying, death and grief87 & 184Rain Hail or Shine x 2
Exploring change, loss and grief in a carer’s world
Tricia Irving
Dying, death and grief203On Death and DyingElisabeth Kubler-Ross
Dying, death and grief216To Rakiura & BeyondSandra Turner
Dying, death and grief222Help Me, I'm dyingDr Elizabeth Williams
Dying, death and grief223Breaking the Silence: New Zealanders talk about suicideLorraine Moir
Dying, death and grief224Death Without WarningSkylight
Dying, death and grief231Going and Growing Through Grief. Understanding the grieving process.Dr Joseph Jolly
Dying, death and grief234An Unrecognised Grief. Loss and grief issues for carers: A carer's guideAnnie Cantwell-Bartl
Dying, death and grief260Moving to the Centre of the Bed: The Artful Creation of a Life AloneSheila Weinstein
Dying, death and grief267When Children GrieveJames and Friedman
Dying, death and grief268On Children and Death
Dying, death and grief282Dying: A New Zealand GuideSue Wood & Peter Fox
Caring specific171The Madonna in the SuitcaseHuberta Hellendoorn
Caring specific39Caring for Someone who has had a Stroke
The effects of stroke and caring for your relative at home
Philip Coyne with
Penny Mares
Caring specific50Stroke: A Family AffairLorna Hewson
Caring specific80Life After Stoke
A guide for people with a stroke and their families. What you need to know, to do, to ask.
Stroke Foundation
Caring specific124When Lightening Strikes
An illustrated guide to stroke prevention and recovery
Dr Valerie Feigin
Caring specific168Seeking CommunityStandards Plus
Caring specific3I’m not Stupid Just Disabled
Some serious chit chat about life after a stroke.
Wolfgang Haufe
Caring specific4The Heart Attack Handbook
The commonsense guide for patients and their families
Joseph S. Alpert
Caring specific8Looking the Other Way
Raising children with special needs in Aotearoa/New Zealand
Stephanie Weaver
Caring specific10Willie – Raising a Loving Child with ADD
Ann Colin
Caring specific23I want to thank my brain for remembering me
An autobiographical story of brain injury
Jimmy Breslin
Caring specific34Multiple Sclerosis: A Guide for FamiliesRosalind C. Kalb
Caring specific35Caring for Someone with a Heart Problem
What is heart disease and being a carer
Toni Battison
Caring specific36Caring for Someone with Diabetes
What is diabetes, treatment and control, healthy eating
Marina Lewycka
Caring specific37Caring for Someone with Arthritis
What is arthritis and what is the role of the carer
Jim Pollard
Caring specific38Caring for Someone with a Hearing Loss
Understanding hearing loss and improving communication
Marina Lewycka
Caring specific65The Source Book for the Disabled
An illustrated guide to easier more independent living for physically disabled people, their families and friends
Glorya Hale
Caring specific99Chronic Fatigue SyndromeRona Moss-Morris and K J Petrie
Caring specific68The Cerebral Palsy Handbook
A practical guide for parents and carers
Marion Stanton
Caring specific54Developmental Disability
A family challenge
Mary Theodore Hegeman
Caring specific95Coping with Childhood AsthmaJill Eckersley
Caring specific219Feast or Famine: A New Zealand Guide to understanding eating disordersKaren McMillan
Caring specific218Allergies: NZ's Growing EpidemicDr Vincent St Aubyn Crump
Caring specific250Thinking Simply About Addiction: A Handbook for RecoveryRichard Sandor
Caring specific264Faces of Huntington'sCarmen Leal-Pock
Caring specific269Gifts: Mother Reflect on How Children with Down Syndrome Enrich Their LivesK Soper
Caring specific277Non-Hodgkin's LymphomaLeukaemia & Blood Foundation
Caring specific276Understanding Non-Hodgkin's LymphomaRoche
Caring specific60Living with Cancer
What is it, where to get help, practical advice and forms of treatment
Jenny Bryan and
Joanna Lyall
Caring specific69Caregiving
A step by step resource for caring for the person with cancer at home
Peter S. Houts and
Julia A. Butcher
Caring specific73Children with Cancer
A handbook for families and helpers
Merren Parker and
David Mauger
Caring specific98Communication in Cancer Care
A professional guide for doctors and allied health professionals
Kathryn Nicholson Perry
Mary Burgess
Caring specific20When You Can’t Come Back
A story of courage and grace in the face of cancer
Dave & Jean Dravecky
Caring specific275Living with Cancer: Eating WellCancer Society
Caring specific60Living with Cancer
What is it, where to get help, practical advice and forms of treatment
Jenny Bryan and
Joanna Lyall
Caring specific69Caregiving
A step by step resource for caring for the person with cancer at home
Peter S. Houts and
Julia A. Butcher
Caring specific73Children with Cancer
A handbook for families and helpers
Merren Parker and
David Mauger
Caring specific98Communication in Cancer Care
A professional guide for doctors and allied health professionals
Kathryn Nicholson Perry
Mary Burgess
Caring specific20When You Can’t Come Back
A story of courage and grace in the face of cancer
Dave & Jean Dravecky
Caring specific275Living with Cancer: Eating WellCancer Society
Young carers82I’ll Hold Your Hand so You Won’t Fall
A child’s guide to Parkinson’s Disease`
Rasheda Ali
Young carers46Children Caring for Parents with Mental Illness
Perspectives of young carers, parents and professionals
Jo Aldridge and
Saul Becker
Young carers111The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time
A novel for young carers
Mark Haddon
Young carers112Sara Webb Disaster Area
A novel about a young carer
Liz Wilks
Young carers113Helicopter Man
A novel for young carers
Elizabeth Fensham
Young carers94Different but the Same
Young people talk about living with serious illness
Heather Cameron
Young carers193Because You are my FriendEpilepsy Association of NZ
Young carers201Growing up in Wartime: Recollections from Children & Adolescents of the 1940’sIsobel Veitch
Young carers229The Up and Down World of Jane McCannStephen Langley
Young carers227My Mother has Mood DisorderBipolar Support Canterbury
Young carers228My Father has a Mood DisorderBipolar Support Canterbury
Young carers235Who Cares? We do.Carers Australia
Young carers236Supporting Young CarersCarers Australia
Young carers237Young Carers: Issues affecting their EducationCarers Australia
Young carers240Taking Care of Ourselves: The Young Carers Recipe BookThe Children's Society
Young carers241Taking Care of Ourselves: The Young Carers Recipe BookThe Children's Society
Young carers246 LostThe Anger Workbook for TeensRaychelle Lohmann

Young carers281The Anger Workbook for TeensRaychelle Lohmann

Mental health40A Carer’s Guide to SchizophreniaGreg Wilkinson
Toney Kendrick
Bruce Moore
Mental health33Depression: What is it? How do we Cope?Jack Dominian
Mental health72The Myth of Mental Illness
Foundations of a theory of personal conduct
Thomas S. Szasz
Mental health90No One Gives You Chocolates Ellen Munro
Mental health152Psychiatric Drugs and their Side EffectsAnnie Goslin
Mental health163Finding People to be ThereNeil and Penny Barringham
Mental health188Creating Partnerships: A New Zealand Guide to Including Families in Mental Health Assessment and TreatmentRichard Whiteside
Frances Steinberg
Mental health192Straight Talking about Mental Illness: with emphasis on SchizophreniaRobert Miller
Mental health220All Black's Don't Cry: A story of hopeJohn Kirwan
Mental health251Taming the Black DogBev Aisbett
Mental health247Families Coping with Mental IllnessYuko Kawanishi
Mental health245Just a Band on the HeadRosie Belton
Mental health262100 Q&A About Brain TumorsVirginia Stark Vance & ML Dubay
Mental health263NZ's Mental Health Act in PracticeJohn Dawson & Kris Gledhill
Mental health265Drugs in Psychiatry: an Ashburn Hall ManualKen Bragan
Mental health287When someone You Care About:Mental H/AddictionH&DC
Cookbooks106Why Weight
How to achieve and maintain a healthy body size
Margaret Foulds
Jane Elmslie
Cookbooks107Cooking for Older People
Cookbooks127 & 128Super Simple Cookbook x 2
Super simple, super cheap and super tasty recipes
Cookbooks129The Great Little Cookbook
Hints and healthy eating on a tight budget
Sally Mackay
Cookbooks187Eatwell Plus: Good Food for Seniors, Singles and OthersNational Council of Women of NZ
Cookbooks200Nosh: Delicious and Responsible Eating
Julie Leeper
Cookbooks210The Gluten, Wheat and Dairy Free Cookbook
Nicola Graimes
Cookbooks2214 Ingredients: Fast, fresh and healthyKim McCosker et al
Cookbooks230Keeping it Low: low cholesterol, weight trimming cookbook
Suzanne Porter
Cookbooks255A Good Harvest
Rural Women of NZ
Cookbooks261Food for Thought: Food and MoodCommunity Day Programmes
Healthcare Otago
Cookbooks270RecipesSouth Otago Carers' Group
Audio/visual114Care of the Elderly Service VideoHealthcare Otago
Audio/visual115Ring Around Carers CDBBC Local Radio
Audio/visual116 & 117
The Carer
Video x 2
A play
Alan Hopwood starring Bud Tingwall
Audio/visual118Just Care for Us: Supporting Young Carers DVD
Audio/visual119Carers Relaxation CD
Audio/visual121One Step at a Time Video
Audio/visual122 & 232Young Carers Relaxation CD x 2
Audio/visual123Carers Talk Tape
Audio/visual172Catching Dust in Mid-Air; songs
Audio/visual173Advocacy Toolkit IHC
Audio/visual174The Sky’s the Limit
Audio/visual175The Ties that Bind
Audio/visual176Young Carers Festival 2006
Audio/visual177 & 178In My Shoes (Autism Spectrum Disorder)
DVD x 2
Audio/visual179Trusting Partnerships; Rotorua 2008
DVD (x6)
Audio/visual214Caring for a Person with Dementia
Audio/visual233Young carers Quiz
CD Rom
Miscellaneous88From Strength to Strength
An autobiography
Sara Henderson
Miscellaneous102The Strength in us All
Inspirational sequel to ‘From Strength to Strength’
Sara Henderson
Miscellaneous92Alcoholics Anonymous
The big book, the basic text of Alcoholics Anonymous
A.A. World Services Inc
Miscellaneous41Intriguing Dunedin Street WalksPaul Hayward
Miscellaneous42More Intriguing Dunedin Street WalksPaul Hayward
Miscellaneous43Even More Intriguing Dunedin Street WalksPaul Hayward
Miscellaneous44Further Intriguing Dunedin Street WalksPaul Hayward
Miscellaneous45Still More Intriguing Dunedin Street WalksPaul Hayward
A woman’s fight to save her family
Jill Ireland
Miscellaneous57Mothers Matter Too
A book for New Zealand women at home
Jenny Phillips
Miscellaneous49Accessible New Zealand
A complete visitor guide for the traveller with restricted mobility
Miscellaneous55Relief Without Drugs
How you can overcome tension, anxiety and pain
Ainslie Meares
Miscellaneous103The World Walks By
A personal story of paralysis
Sue Masham
Miscellaneous195The Lost Art of Listening
How Learning to Listen Can Improve Relationships
Michael Nichols
Miscellaneous198The Peaceful Pill HandbookPhilip Nitschke and Fiona Stewart
Miscellaneous202`Growing Up In Wartime. Recollections of Children & Adolescents of the 1940’sIsobel Veitch
Miscellaneous204Love Stories of Later LifeAmanda Barusch
Miscellaneous205Home SicknessChaplaincy Trust Board
Miscellaneous206Recreation in DunedinOtago Mental Health Support Trust
Miscellaneous238Construction of a Wet Area ShowerGraham Booth
Miscellaneous254 LostThe Good Doctor: What patients wantRon Paterson
Miscellaneous274Nature's Miracles:An MD's ExperienceDr Gary Fischbach
Miscellaneous273Garlic for HealthBenjamin Lau
Miscellaneous280The Good Doctor: What patients wantRon Paterson
Miscellaneous283Being a Doctor: Understanding Medical PracticeHamish Wilson & Wayne Cunningham