211Contented DementiaOliver James
79 & 196Our Family’s Story x 2
Dealing with shattered dreams – the effect of Alzheimer’s on a carer
Ian McColl
5Do I like the Taste of That?
Caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s
Kate Morrish
Memory loss and confusion – a guide for caring people
South Australia Health Commission
26 & 134
Coping with Dementia x 2
A handbook for carers
The Scottish Health Education Group
28Caring for a Loved One with Alzheimer’s Disease
A Christian perspective.
Elizabeth T. Hall
29Alzheimer’s: A Practical Guide for Carers
A guide to help you through the day
Frena Gray-Davidson
70Information Guide for People Caring for Someone with Dementia
Information guide for people caring for someone with dementia
Alzheimer’s Society
83Understanding and Living with Alzheimers and Dementia:The moving story of one family’s struggle and triumph- A novelIsabel Paterson
84A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Nursing Home
A different handbook for carers of dementia patients
Jim Conner
139Understanding Difficult Behaviour
Some practical suggestions for coping with Alzheimer’s desease and related illnesses
Anne Robinson,
Beth Spencer and
Laurie White
138Death in Slow Motion
A memoir of a daughter, her mother and the beast called Alzheimer’s
Eleanor Cooney
143Dementia with Dignity
A handbook for carers
Barbara Sherman
144Dilemma of Dementia
A daughter’s story
Julia Millen
108Remember Me Mrs V?
Caring for my wife: her Alzheimer’s and others’ stories
Tom Valenta
161Coping with the Confused Elderly at Home: Carer’s GuideFife Psychiatric Unit
225 & 226
Caring for someone with Dementia x 3BUPA Care Service
272Dealing Daily with Dementia: 2000+ Practical Hints and Strategies for CarersAngela Caughey
279Keeper: Living with Nancy A Journey into Alzheimer'sAndrea Gillies

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